Don't Just Meet, Preciate.

Preciate is more than just a virtual meeting and events space. It promotes authentic connections that accelerate business.

Fill out the form to schedule a quick 15 minute demo of the Preciate platform where a member of our team can show you how Preciate can help you accelerate business and create healthier relationships with your virtual and hybrid teams.

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Move around a virtual room
from one conversation to the next
for realistic networking, virtually

Increase team cohesion
and build better relationships
with remote & hybrid teams

Customizable backgrounds,
room items & music playlists
to make every meeting memorable

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Trusted by over 3300 companies around the world
to build the healthiest relationships at every interaction

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Lifelike atmosphere

Preciate provides a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life events. Hear voices get louder as you move closer to others.
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Natural movement

Preciate allows people to naturally move through virtual spaces, allowing participants to be authentically present and strike up spontaneous conversations.
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Dynamic meetings

Zoom out of the static boxes to increase team cohesion and boost engagement with hybrid and remote teams, so you can work better together.
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Don’t Just Meet. Preciate.

Let us show you how Preciate can help your team
build stronger relationships and accelerate business.

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