About Us

Meet Preciate. Our Social Presence virtual meeting platform promotes authentic connections to accelerate business, invigorate virtual experiences, and foster culture. Guaranteed.


As a Certified B Corporation, Preciate is devoted to building technology that promotes real relationship growth. Founded by a handful of entrepreneurs who put purpose above profit, Preciate is redefining virtual meeting & event technology, while aiming to change the world for the better.

We don’t think of Preciate as a product. It’s a movement of people who believe that technology can bring us closer together as we move into the future and navigate hybrid and remote work.

Our Core Values

Lead with a Love for Adventure

The road ahead is untravelled, yet it beckons us. We prepare the best we can and set off to make history together. Things may not always go as planned. Innovation will be required. We will reach our destination. We will make history.

Build Authentic Relationships

Happiness finds its foundation in authentic relationships. Our purpose is to help everyone build stronger relationships in the workplace and beyond. While doing so, we look after our relationships and invest in them.


Act with Integrity

We do the right thing when nobody's watching. We are caretakers of the gifts we have been given, including our responsibilities, our customers, and each other.


Manifest Excellence

It’s all about the results, and we do what it takes to be the best. When we see something - big or small - that doesn’t look right, we take ownership. If we can’t fix it right ourselves, we make sure someone else does.


Protect and Preserve Resources

Waste not. This goes for time, money,
and - most importantly - the planet. Conserving is cool because it leaves more for others or for a rainy day. We keep travel to a minimum, too.


Deliver Delightful Experiences

Hosting millions of social events is a huge responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly. Our goal is to provide a delightful experience for people to make real connections and build deeper relationships.

The Preciate Team

Meet the team working together to grow the healthiest relationships on Earth.

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